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Escambia, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, and Walton Counties

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State of Florida

Lieutenant Governor – Jeanette Nunez ‘Office of the Lt. Governor’

Attorney General – Ashley Moody ‘Office of Attorney General’

Commissioner of Agriculture & Consumer Services  – Nicole “Nikki” Fried

Secretary of State – Laurel M. Lee ‘Appointed by Governor’

State Attorney – Ginger Bowden Madden

State House of Representatives
District 1 – Michelle Salzman IWP

Clerk of the Circuit Court – Pam Childers IWP

Emerald Coast Utilities Authority
District 1 – Vicki Campbell IWP
District 2 – Lois Benson

School Board Members – (Nonpartisan)
District 3 – Laura Dortch Edler IWP
District 4 – Patty Hightower IWP

Pensacola City Council – (Nonpartisan)
District 1 – Jennifer Brahier
District 2 – Sherri F. Myers IWP
District 5 – Teniadé Broughton 
District 6 – Ann Hill IWP

Group 1 – Betty Wilson
Group 3 – Catherine Monroe-Dismukes

Circuit Court Judges (Nonpartisan)
First Judicial Circuit: 24 Judges — 1

Escambia County
Group 4 – Darlene Dickey
Group 14 – Linda L. Nobles
Group 16 – Jan Shackelford
Group 22 – Jennie Kinsey

Escambia County
Group 20 – Jennifer J. Frydrychowicz

Santa Rosa County
Group 7 – Lacey Powell Clark IWP

Okaloosa County
Group 13 – Mary Polson

County Court Judges – (Nonpartisan)
Group 1 – Pat Kinsey
Group 4 – Amy P. Brodersen
Group 5 – Kerra A. Smith

Santa Rosa Island Authority
Members (Each County Commissioner appoints one member. Also, one member is elected every two years at the General Election by the registered voters on Santa Rosa Island, Precinct 94.)
District 1 – Brigette Brooks IWP ‘Appointed by Jeff Bergosh’
District 2 – Karen Sindel  ‘Appointed by Doug Underhill’ 
District 4 – Elizabeth C. Callahan ‘Appointed by Robert Bender’

Santa Rosa School Board Members
District 1 – Linda Sanborn, Vice-Chairperson.
District 2 – Elizabeth Hewey,  IWP
District 3 – Carol Boston, 
District 5 – Wei Ueberschaer,  Chairperson. IWP

Century Town Council – (Nonpartisan)
Clerk: Kimberly Godwin – Appointed
Seat 1 – Dynette Lewis
Seat 3 – Brenda Spencer
Seat 5 – Sandra McMurray Jackson


Milton Mayor and City Council Members
Mayor – Heather Lindsay,  IWP
Ward II Councilmember -Roxanne Meiss
Ward II Councilmember – Shannon Rice
Ward IV Councilmember – Sharon Holley 

Milton Planning Board
Mayor At-Large
– Amber Leek
Ward 4 – Kathy Ellis

Milton Riverfront Redevelopment Team
CRA Commercial Owner/Operator – Laura Spencer Coleman
CRA Commercial Owner/Operator – Shari Sebastiao
CRA Residents – Deborah Becker

Milton Historic Preservation Board
Theresa Messick
Carol Johnstone

Milton General Employees’ Pension Board
Council Representative – Pamela Haddan
Finance, Employee Representative – Jennifer Bare
Secretary, Public Works, Employee Representative – Christie Herrmann

Milton Civil Service Board
Sari Sebastio

Milton Police Pension Board
Council Representative – Scarlett Ehlers

Cemetery Manager – Christie Harrmann
Milton Cemetery Board
Anita Dunn
Kathie Lewis
Pam Mitchell
Krystal Anaston

Florida Facts

Panhandle Florida Facts

Voter Statistics by District: Shows breakdown and totals of active voters by district in the following categories: Democrats, Republicans, NPA (No Party Affiliation), and Other Parties. Breaks voters into White, Black, Hispanic, and Other; and Male, Female, and Other (not specified). Districts represented are U.S. Congress, Escambia County Commissioners, Pensacola City Council Districts, Town of Century, House of Representatives, School Board, Senate, City of Pensacola, Santa Rosa Island Authority and Escambia Soil and Water Districts.
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2/1/2021 – Voter Registration in Escambia County.
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Democratic Party of Florida 33.36%
Republican Party of Florida 44.07%
NPA of Florida 20.79%