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The Institute for Women in Politics of Northwest Florida

Since 2013, we have encouraged women to participate in the political process, provided networking opportunities for women, and educated the community about the benefits of women in politics.

Our Founding Members

Diane Mack
Amy Miller
Lola Presley
Kimberly Agular
Amanda Bowden
Kim Kirschenfeld
Lorraine Ogan

As of June 1, 2021, the members of the Institute are:

Mona Amodeo
Melinda Beckett 
Dr. Judy Bense
Connie Bookman
Renee Bookout
Brigette Brooks
Nancy Bullock-Prevot 
Lacey Powell Clark
Deborah J. Corbin
Dr. Laura Dortch Edler
Amanda Edwards
Phil Ehr
Lilly Eubanks 
Rosalind Fisher
Cherry Fitch
Vikki Garrett
Kathi Gordon
Rev. Ron Helms-MacBeth
Elizabeth Hewey
Rand Hicks
Anna Higgins
Anna Hill
Elizabeth King
Kim Kirschenfeld 
Stacey Kostevicki 
Dr. Shirley Lewis-Brown

Kara Luckett
Beverly Mayo
Ashley McDonald
Amy Miller
Paula Montgomery 
Victoria Mullet
Evalyn Narramore 
Nell Olsen
Hong Tran Potomski 
Dr. Cheryl Powell
James Reeves
Grover Robinson
Michelle Salzman 
Monica Sanford
Martha Saunders
Pamela Schwartz
Betsy Smith
Myra Van Hoose
Muriel Wagner
Megan Walters
Kathie Weiland
Magi Williams
Virginia Yeagle
Marie Young
Beverly Zimmern

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2020-IWP Officers

Deborah Corbin

IWP President

Nancy Bullock-Prevot

IWP Vice President

Magi Williams


Vikki Garrett



View Point

The voice from our Officers & Board members

Our Board of Directors and members have been published in our local Pensacola News Junorial - Guest View