The Institute for Women in Politics of Northwest Florida was incorporated for the express purpose of increasing the number of women serving in elected office in Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa counties.

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Voter Statistics by District: Shows breakdown and totals of active voters by district in the following categories: Democrats, Republicans, NPA (No Party Affiliation), and Other Parties. Breaks voters into White, Black, Hispanic, and Other; and Male, Female, and Other (not specified). Districts represented are U.S. Congress, Escambia County Commissioners, Pensacola City Council Districts, Town of Century, House of Representatives, School Board, Senate, City of Pensacola, Santa Rosa Island Authority and Escambia Soil and Water Districts.
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2/1/2021 – Voter Registration in Escambia County.
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Democratic Party of Florida 33.36%
Republican Party of Florida 44.07%
NPA of Florida 20.79%