Deborah Corbin, Institute for Women in Politics, President Feb. 2021

The greatest part about leaving the workplace you strived away at (and felt passionately about

for many years) is you are free to move and find interesting people to share your energy with!

I was born in DC, moved to Arizona where my mom met a truth and justice man who swept her

off her feet (and adored her two young daughters, one of which was me). Dad went on to run

and be successful candidate and leader in Maricopa County politics, later statewide -victorious

Attorney General of Arizona for 3 terms, 12 years. I learned early on about politics.

Once back in DC, soon was engaged in Women’s Rights issues, marches and meeting liked

minded women. There is nothing quite like standing on Constitution Avenue and as far as the

eye can see are Women who ‘get it’. No worries, women cooperatively coming together for a

common cause. I knew then, women collectively can come together to accomplish anything.

I learned many skills in my 15+ years in DC. My first job was working as the Washington, D.C.

scheduler for the Secretary of Education, and then moving on to a better fit, an International

Field Representative for the Association of Flight Attendants. In that role I designed trainings for

newly elected leaders, taught Negotiations skills and other trainings, shared ideas to increase

membership and communication skills with the membership. Then on to a Director for Member

Benefits for a 1-million-member organization at the American Federation of Teachers. In this

role I researched, negotiated and promoted benefits that allowed local leaders to increase their

membership ranks. Along with finding solutions to service issues that cropped up in a timely


During this time, I also had the opportunity to be on loan to Presidential Campaigns, exhausting

but exciting times. In addition, I was on the Executive Board of the YMCA of Washington, D.C

for many years.

Consistently I found that there was a serious need for more women in elected office to bring a

realistic voice for women’s concerns.

Moving to Pensacola provided a new opportunity to be actively involved in educating women to

enter the political realm. The Institute for Women in Politics was a great fit.

While the COVID situation has completely up-ended life as we all knew it, we kept focusing on

what mattered to IWP … educating and mentoring women, they can and are the Hope for the

Future. IWP has been mindful of safety protocols, mostly using technology/virtual meetings.

IWP has events planned and are counting the days until we can once again meet in person.

Can’t Wait!