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January 2018 — Know Your Candidates — “To Transform ‘the jangling discords of our nation'” — Workshop: “Nailed It! How to Give Your Best Presentation Ever” — Key Connections — New members Teresa Barber, Deb Corbin, Denise Grimsley, Beth McClean — Renewing Members

December 2017 — “Share Your Thoughts” Survey – ‘Me Too’ Could Spur “Year of Women’ in Politics — Preview: January & February Events — Scenes from the Christmas Lunch — New members Nancy Hagman, Lee Hansen, Julie Patton, Terri Ramos, Hong Tran — Renewing Members — Meet the Candidates

November 2017 — What Do You Think? Survey — “You Can’t Win If You Don’t Run” — Movie Night: “Makers–Women in Politics” — A VIP Christmas Lunch — Photos from October “Key Connections” — New members Virginia Yeagle and Ed Stanford — Renewing Members — Off to the Races! Update

October 2017 — What Do You Think? Survey — Voters Expect More from Women — Key Connections “Backstage Pass — Review of “Where the Votes Are” Workshop — New members Mitzi Prater and Miriam Woods — Renewing Members — Off to the Races! Update

September 2017 — Another IWP Member Pre-Files — What Do You Think? Survey — Freedom Creates a Duty to Engage in Politics — Photos from “Meet the Trailblazers” — Register for “Where the Votes Are” Workshop — Supervisor of Elections Workshops — New members DeeDee Davis, Patty Hightower, Sara Lefevers, Tappie Villane — Renewing Members — Congrats to Renee Bookout — A personal story from Gretchen Clarke — Off to the Races! Update

August 2017 — IWP Members Pre-File — What Do You Think? Survey — Families Benefit When Women Take Office — Key Connections (“Meet the Trailblazers”) — September 23 Workshop: Meet the Experts — Team Spirit: Networking & Education — New members Amy Cozart and Linda Presley-Robinson — Renewing Members — A personal story from Grier Ward — Off to the Races!

July 2017 — What Do You Think? Survey — NW Florida Women Want to Be Part of 2018 Election — Celebrating Four Years of Promoting and Connecting Women — Workshop: Where the Votes Are — New members Rebekah Bydlak, Claudia Williams, Kim Messer, Anna Higgins, Lacey Powell Clark — A personal story from Melissa Rogers — Off to the Races!

June 2017 — Top Political Advisor Is Coming to Pensacola — Time to Celebrate! Our Fourth Annual Meeting — New members Pat Cook, Hannah Ritz, Gretchen Clarke — A personal story from Jules Kariher — In the news:  Amy Miller — Off to the Races!

May 2017 — NW Florida Needs More Connections — Florida’s Top Political Strategist to Speak at Annual Meeting — New Members Pat Cook and Hannah Ritz — In the news:  Meghan McCarthy — Off to the Races!

April 2017 — Running for Office Is Not a Leisure Pastime — Workshop: “Politics 101. Plan Now. Win Later.” — Making Connections from Pensacola to Tallahassee — New members Brigette Gray Brooks and Nancy Bullock-Prevot — A personal story from Dr. Laura Dortch-Edler — In the news:  President Amy Miller

March 2017 — Patience, Persistence Keys to Win Equality — “Understanding the Legislative Process” Forum — March 28 “Key Connections” — Politics 101 for Women Workshop April 18 — New members Anne Bennett, Kathy Jensen, Jules Kariher — In the news:  Members Bentina Terry, Pam Schwartz, Jules Kariher, Marsha Noller, Myra Van Hoose

February 2017 — Leadership Florida an Indispensable Experience for Women Seeking Office — Thanks for Sharing “Key Connections” for 2017 — New members Samantha Abell, Cherry Fitch, Michelle Horton, Lanessa Hunter, Hope Lunsford, Marsha Noller, and Alicia Skolrood — A personal story from Deborah Nostrand Moore

January 2017 — Resolve to Get More Engaged in 207 — “Key Connections” for 2017 — Renewing members Renee Bookout and Sally Bussell Fox — A personal story from Myra Van Hoose — Members’ wishes for the new year

December 2016 — Can the Right Woman Win District 4 in 2018? — “Key Connections” for 2017 — Renewing members Jena Melancon, Amy Miller, Paula Montgomery — Members Out & About: Bentina Chisolm Terry, Jena Melancon, Sherri Myers, Missy Rogers

November 2016 — Unscientific Poll: Clinton 3-to-1 Margin — “Key Connections” for 2017 — New member Suzanne Lewis — Renewing members Mary Augustitus, Dr. Jenna Emery, Beverly Zimmern — A personal story from Magi Thomley Williams — Members Out & About

October 2016 — General Election Candidates — Southwest Florida Institute Created on Pensacola Model — New member Laurie Bartlett — Renewing members Rand Hicks, Kim Kirschenfeld, Diane Mack, Lola Presley, Magi Williams — A personal story from Kathi Gordon — Pix from “Key Connections” event — Civics Education: Teaching by Example, by Paula Montgomery

September 2016 — The August 30 Primaries — Restoring Civility Starts with Restoring Respect — Key Connections — New members Myra Van Hoose, Missy Rogers, Grier Ward, Kara Bloomberg — Renewing member Chuntell Patterson — A personal story from Vikki Garrett — Members Out & About — Children Need to Be Taught Early about Government, by Paula Montgomery

August 2016 — Campaign School Reveals Politics Is about People — Sneak Peek: Members in September — Renewing members Lois Benson, Kathi Gordon, Jenny Granse — A personal story from Rosalind Fisher — Members Out & About — Good Things Happening at ECUA — Election Watch 2016:  Bydlak, Bartlett, Sindel, Campbell, Mitchell, more

July 2016 — Members, Guests ‘Rock’ 3rd Annual Meeting — Think More about What Politics Should Be — New Member Bentina Chisolm Terry — Meghan McCarthy Back from Yale — A personal story from member Sharie Bourbeau — Election Watch: 23 Women Qualify

June 2016 — Annual Meeting June 15 — Cape Coral’s First Woman Mayor to Speak in Pensacola — Congratulations to Chuntell Patterson, Stephanie Powell, and Meghan McCarthy — New Members Cynthia Scheltema and Roz Fisher — A personal story from member Pam Schwartz — Election Watch — Best Practices with Volunteers Part 2, from Deb Corbin

May 2016 — Annual Meeting June 15 — Meet the Women Running for Congress — Message Workshop Lessons — Teresa Barber and Five Point — Congratulations to Meghan McCarthy and Melanie Nichols — New Member Gwen Gore — A personal story from former Mayor Beverly Zimmern — Happenings from Vicki Campbell — Election Watch — Best Practices with Volunteers, from Deb Corbin

April 2016 — Blue Nation or Red? Women are Key — “Crafting Your Message” Workshop — Congratulations to Sherri Myers and Meghan McCarthy — A personal story from Dayna Fuller — Election Watch — Inside the Beltway: Welcome, Dean Emery!

March 2016 — Next Justice Should Be “Her Honor” — Campaign Workshop — Yale Campaign School — Status of Women in the South — New Members Sharie Bourbeau and Dr. Laura Dortch-Edler — A personal story from Paula Montgomery, M.D. — Inside the Beltway: U.S. Representative Marcy Kaptur

February 2016 — Advice to Escambia District 1 Candidates — New Member Deb Moore — Getting to Know Renee Bookout — Photos from the January 30 Members Social — Election 2016 Candidate Watch — Inside the Beltway: U.S. Representative Ann Wagner of Missouri

January 2016 — Let’s Have Clean Campaigns — News from Julie Young, Amanda Jo Combs, Amy Miller — New Member Donna Gail Spencer — Getting to Know Carolyn Appleyard and Deb Corbin — The 2016 Workshops — Election 2016 Candidate Watch — Inside the Beltway: Is Restroom Access Still an Issue in 2016?

December 2015 — Do Our Daughters Think Politics — Inside the Beltway with Dr. Jenna Emery — New Members Karen Sindel and Sally Bussell Fox — Getting to Know Melanie Nichols — Women in Office:  Sherri Myers — Election 2016 Candidate Watch for Escambia and Santa Rosa

November 2015 — A Challenge to Civic Groups — Photos from the Social — New Members — Renewing Members — Lola Presley — Election Watch 2016 for Escambia and Santa Rosa — “On-the-Job Learning Is a No Go”

October 2015 — Looking for a Few Good Women — Membership Social — New Members — Renewing Members — Kim Kirschenfeld — Vicki Campbell — Lisa Reese — “Friendship Trumps Party”

September 2015 — Women Fund Programs, Men Fund Politics — Fundraising Workshop Registration — News Briefs — Jena Melancon — Women of the Pensacola City Council

August 2015 –If Fannie Could Do It, So Can We — Fundraising Workshop Registration — Ann Regan — New Member Kathi Gordon — Janet Holley — Women of the Escambia County Commission

July 2015–Women Are Necessary to Politics — Fundraising Workshop — Meghan McCarthy — New Members — Santa Rosa County’s Political Women — Women in the Florida Legislature

June 2015–Celebrating Two Years — Relationship Fundraising Workshop — Chuntell Patterson — New Members — Escambia County’s Political Women — Breaking News!

May 2015–Annual Membership Meeting – Relationship Fundraising – Stephanie Powell – New Members – Women in Office Santa Rosa County – Women and the Political Pipeline

April 2015–Girls Just Wanna Not Run – Rachael Gillette – New Members – Women in Office Escambia County – Gender Watch 2016

March 2015–Knowledge Is Power – Public Speaking March 28 – Jenna Emery, UWF – New Members – Women in Office Patty Hightower – Woman of Influence

February 2015–Women in Elective Office 2015 – From Booster Club to County Commission – Amy Miller, Port Director – Making Government Work – Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives – Strong Women Lift

January 2015–Local Women See Few Gains in 2014 – Leadership Workshops for 2015 – UWF Intern Will Research Women Legislators – With Thanks to Those Who Served – The Indispensable Foundation