Networking Team

Networking TeamI am a new member and Board member of the Institute. I have taken on the role as leader of the Networking Team and would love your help!

My goal is to grow our membership by 100% this year. Does that sound lofty? Maybe, but I like to dream big. I see the Institute as a wonderful opportunity to bring women together and not just women seeking office. Our organization can support women in politics but also women in government administrative roles and women leading our community in nonpolitical roles. The Networking Team is charged with setting up five (5) Key Connections social events over the next year where (1) we will invite women speakers to come and share their experience and (2) provide a networking opportunity for women to build mutually beneficial relationships with other women. 

Some of my ideas for future events include inviting:  women who have blazed the trail before us serving in political office, women administrators in city or county government, women lobbyists and/or legislative aides, women leading our community in non-profit organizations, and high school girls serving on Young Democrats/Young Republicans organizations. I would love your input, thoughts, and assistance! 

Join me in growing our organization and providing meaningful and fun opportunities for women to network and learn more about how we can be more influential in changing politics one woman at a time. Email me directly at or feel free to contact me at 850-206-9495. 

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Networking Team Leader
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