Education Team

Education Team

I am Myra Van Hoose and I am heading up our Education Team this year.

My goal is for us to offer meaningful sessions that appeal to not only candidates but also to all of us who care about the way in which our country is run, about the way in which our personal lives are affected by political decisions every day.

Does that sound like you? Of course it does–that’s one of the reasons you are a member of IWP.

Some of the ideas I have been kicking around for educational sessions include these:

  • bridging the gap between millennials and baby boomers
  • honing public speaking skills
  • social media presence
  • Florida election laws in depth
  • understanding PACs
  • knowing the job: a candid discussion from former elected officials
  • trustee, delegate or politico: the candidate’s role in leadership
  • a woman’s role is in the House…. and Senate: establishing a female presence in this male-dominated political world
  • perhaps some other lofty political science topics from leading professors

It’s a big list and doesn’t even include the already scheduled phenomenal full-day campaign workshop coming on September 23.

So…what am I missing?  I need you to help hone the list and bring fresh ideas for meeting rooms, refreshments and sponsors for the number we can do, coordinating with the Network Team.

The other prong of the work of our team is to ensure a useful resource in our website. We need to update the list of political reference sources, making sure to balance party-leaning info, by vetting and approving.

 Third prong, about which I am super enthused, is creating a Leaders Growing Leaders program. We’ll talk more about it when we meet!

Is there a fit here with any of your skills or interests? I would love your input, thoughts, and assistance! Drop me an email or call me… 850.374.0408. Our planning meeting will be late July, early August, so please commit as soon as you can!

Myra Van Hoosemyra
Education Team Leader
Vice President, Board of Directors